are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Midnight Captured Presence,CGN, URO1, PTN, PTA, NC, NI, NV.
High in Trial - all breed Rally trial at 8 months of age.

HIT (High in trial) Scent work- Novice containers at 12 months of age

HIT (High in Trial) Novice Vehicle Search at 15 months of age

Conformation Achievements (Shows):


CKC Shows:

BRTCC Booster Show . July 15-16 2017, LCA:
12 months old Katana placed:
BOS x3
Best BBE x 4
WB x3

UKC Shows:
Group 1
Winners Bitch x 3


Working titles and designations:

United kennel Club Rally Obedience , level 1

High In Trial
UKC Novice Containers (Scent work)

High In Trial

United kennel Club Scent Work _ Pre Trial Novice-

Searching 12 containers , finding one with a scent of Birch
United kennel Club Scent Work _ Pre Trial Novice-

Searching 12 containers , finding one with a scent of Anice

CKC Canine Good Neigbour test

Scores and placings :

URO1 (United kennel Club, Rally Obedience level 1)

April 2nd, 2017. Oxford Dog Sport. Judge Mary Montheith
HIGH In Trial (HIT) at 8 months , 1st leg for URO1, QS 99 out of 100

June 11, 2017, Grand River kennel Club. Judge Deb Beean.
QS of 93, placed 3rd in 1A class
QS of 95, placed second in One A class



UKC Scent Work
July 30, 2017 UKC Trial at Oxford Dog Sports, Judges Lee Warden and Laurie Soutar

NC ( Novice Containers) Title.
QS, placed 3rd in Novice A class Time; 00:47:41
QS HIT ( High in trial), 1st in class Time 00:09:16

NI- Novice Interior Search Title- Nov5, 2017- Oxford Dog Sport

QS with Time 32:62. second Place.
QS with Time 38:75. second Place.

NV- Novice Vehicle Search Title

QS with time 51:54. First place
HIT (High In Trial) QS with time 19:84. First place


High in Trial - Novice Containers, July 30th , 2017
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