are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Midnight Solo Stud Book

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The owner of our kennel and training Academy is Jean Brown. Jean’s 1st encounter with BRTs occurred in the late 70s in Moscow.  She was so impressed with the raw power, magnificent presence and willingness to obey the owner’s wishes; she took a picture of her young brother with these 2 BRTS 

Many years later we started our search for a non –shedding breed that could possibly be trained as personal mobility assistance dog for Troy and be a great companion to for the whole family.

We got our 1st Blackie in2003.  Rusah was the female pick of the litter for learning aptitude, working ability, temperament and structure. Our mentors, Bernie and Lana, professional dog trainers made 3 trips with us to see the litter Rusah came from; to make sure we would get the pup that matched our goals and expectations.  Did she ever!
Rusah is a wonderful ambassador for the breed, an intelligent, gorgeous female with stable temperament. She is the most titled versatile working BRT in North America.  Rusah is also a conformation champion of 6 clubs, Certified Mobility assistance dog and has proven herself as a great brood bitch.

It would be an understatement to tell you that we are in love with this breed.  Our BRTs are very important part of the family and are first and foremost well-loved companions. They receive the love, attention, exercise and training that they require and deserve.  Blackies do best living with their human family, bonding with each member to become irreplaceable friends, companion and protectors.

We do not believe that kennel living is suitable for this breed, that is why none of our BRTs are kenneled, but  live at home with us or our extended Midnight Solo Family members.

We stand by our puppies and support our puppy owners in every way we can. 

We appreciate all our Extended family members and our breeding partners . Thank you for your dedication and sharing our passion and vision for Midnight Solo BRTs and our future.

We are looking forward to meeting new puppy owners and see our family grow.

Since 2003 other wonderful BRTs have come into our lives, our BRTS have been a blessing, taught us a lot, have been exteremely sucsessful and have produced great puppies. We are thrilled to watch Midnight Solo grow and thankful to allour breeding partners for an incredible ob they do, for their support and love for the breed. Our sucsees is achieved by breeding only quality conformation Champion BRTs with tested stable temperament, official health checks, fully trained and titled in various working modalities
(visit out BREEDING PROGRAM page).

We are proud of every puppy we produce and thank ful to each owner for a wonderful life and care they give to their Black Russian terriers.

We are very proud of the fact that several BRTs bred by Midnight Solo and/or sired by our stunning male BRTs are very accomplished Foundation Bitches and Stud dogs in many prominent kennels in USA and Canada, producing quality puppies to preserve the best attributes of Midnight Solo working champions.  

Midnight Solo Kennel is registered with the CKC.  Jean is an AKC Breeder Of Merit, member of German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada, currently serving on a Board of BRTCC and London Schutzhund Club, member of good standing of BRTCA, served as a Chair of BRTCA Performance Committee 2013-2014.

For many years Jean was a member of BRT Owners and Breeders Alliance of Canada, actively promoting the breed in CKC events, written several articles for DOG in Canada magazine, organized 5 Annual BRT Fun Days, several picnics, seminars , Temperament Test and CGN test for the BRT and Canine community in Canada and USA. Jean is a trainer, TT and CGC evaluator. Jean was one of the few first people to complete CKC Rally Obedience Judging seminar in 2006 when Rally O sport just came to Canada and became an official CKC event.

CKC Rally Obedience judging seminar certificate

In 2012 Jean has certified in canine reproduction


We are fascinated with the working versatility of Black Russians.  They are very intelligent easy to train dogs, capable of independent thinking and problem solving. We learned so much with them over the years. It has been an incredible journey!

Since 2003 Midnight Solo BRTS have been very sucsessful in multiple performance venues , earned multiple titles in Conformation (shows), Competitive Obedience (OTCH-X, 10 CD, 4 CD-X, 7 Draft titles, multiple Rally Obedience titles; over 30 Passed official Temperament Tests and 40+ Canine Good Neighbour/Citizen tests. 
Several of our offsprings are amazing service dogs and therapy dogs working in a communities, helping people.

Midnight Solo BRTs have 20+ High in Trials in all Breed Rally Obedience, Obedience , Scent work trails, and HIT in Rally Obedience Specialty trial, HIT in Specialty obedience trail. .

5 of our BRTS have earned Schutzhund BH designations and our Sadie earned Schutzhund tracking title.

Several of Midnight Solo 's BRTs are CKC Top Obedience, Rally O and Conformation dogs in a breed since 2004. Marley , Ulan and Eli placed Best in Specialty shows. Our BRTS won Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch, Best Breeding pair, Best kennel, Best junior (Yara) in BRT National Specialties.
(visit  OUR DOGS page to check our BRTS’ titles ). Our BRTS placed Best Bred by Exhibitor puppy in show, Best bred by Exhibitor in Show, multiple working group placing in CKC, UKC, IABCA and RBCSWO.

We are very proud of our BRTs achievenments, structure, health and temperaments and very grateful to each owner for choosing and loving our canine babies.

Every performance venue we tried to train and compete with our Black Russian terriers we were very successful in.

Training became our passion; we opened Training Academy for all breeds of dogs to help others to achieve their goals whether it is titles in obedience and/or Rally or to have a well behaved, well socialized companion. (visit our TRAINING page for details).

We are looking forward to many more years with this wonderful breed and inviting you to browse our site and join us for our annual events, workshops and seminars.

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